Industrial Martí de Relojería S. L., is a family watch business founded in 1954. In the beginning it was specialized in repairing watches, adapting them for being used on the wrist.

Later they started to manufacture watch boxes, calibrated bezels, dials, watch straps, etc.

Some years after, they created the supply department: tools and equipments for the watch industry.

The transition from mechanical watches to quartz, far from being a problem, served to hold in the market. Then, they started the manufacture of diagnostic equipments and control for quartz watches and began to teach courses of quartz watch repair and technical conferences.

Finally the technical expertise was invested in making watches.

Today, Industrial Martí de Relojería S. L. Is a full service watch company, which operates in the watch sector and covers four main areas:

  • Supply of spare parts, tools and specialized equipments.
  • Repair and after-sales service for own brands and watches in general.
  • Training (and technical assistance).
  • Own watch brands (Nowley and Potens) and represented (Michel Herbelin).